2 Big Changes caused by Motherhood

Here is a Tuesday morning Re-blog. This humorous little post was first posted on December 6, 2015 here at Writing is Communication. It is just a short and funny little post about poop and brain loss!

Writing is Communication

Everyone knows, or jokes, about certain things that you can kiss goodbye when you become a parent: privacy, sleep, and sex. I want to write about 2 of the less talked about things that change or disappear when the vail on parenting gets thrown back, and you are thrust ass first into the squall!

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  1. Poop. Anyone with any aversion to poop please check it at the door. Parenting is not a poop free zone. Okay, so nobody told me this, and I was very much someone with poop aversions. We are talking a poop aversion to the point that one boyfriend, whom I lived with, actually asked me if I pooped because he never heard, saw, or smelt any indication that I completed this essential activity. So, you can only imagine my horror when I was thrust ignorantly into a world of exploding diapers where poop travelled with unnatural…

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