Creative Writing

Ayden Ace & the Detective Case

They call themselves “The Barefoot Detectives.” They boast stealth ninja skills, and they can move silently on bare feet. Their best work is completed in tweed pajama bottoms, topped with cigar jackets, and a deerstalker on their heads. The cigar jacket pockets are filled with special tools of the trade: pencil, note pad, flashlight, magnifying… Continue reading Ayden Ace & the Detective Case


Blog Ahead: My First Challenge

I entered the world of blogging in December of 2015. I wasn’t really sure what blogging was or what I was doing. In a short time I discovered that blogging was an activity I really enjoyed. There is a pride and a satisfaction that comes from publishing a well written post. Unfortunately, there are occasional… Continue reading Blog Ahead: My First Challenge


Fairies Garden: Weekly Photo Challenge

On a recent camping trip my family and I walked past this solitary mushroom several times a day. It was growing at the edge of an unoccupied campsite, and it was nestled in a bed of twigs and pinecones. Its own orange-tannish colour stood out against the dirty browns and earthy reds surrounding it. Every… Continue reading Fairies Garden: Weekly Photo Challenge

Creative Writing

Ayden Ace goes to Outer Space

Awesome Owen and Ayden Ace were tired of their regular games. “Please no more snakes and ladders, books, cards, trucks or planes.” Another cold rainy day and they were stuck inside, “I’m bored out of my mind!” Ayden Ace cried. The boys looked around until Ayden Ace found stinky socks. Ow did better and found… Continue reading Ayden Ace goes to Outer Space

Mental Health

Nightly Infestation

“Obsessions are recurring ideas, thoughts, images, or impulses that seem senseless but nonetheless continue to intrude into your mind.” – Edmund J. Bourne, PhD What was that noise? The night feels heavy almost suffocating, can’t anyone else feel it? Her mind stops, her breath catches, and her body tenses. Every muscle of her body is… Continue reading Nightly Infestation

Creative Writing

Hard-work Flowers & Bumblebee Fairies

We’d heard the stories, but we had always just thought of them as myth, urban legend, folklore, or fairy-tale… This particular day we were just trying to catch a bumblebee. We should have thought better of it, especially when it landed on the sunflower, but we were so involved. Fae’s voice drove us like an… Continue reading Hard-work Flowers & Bumblebee Fairies