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Steer by Stars: That F*cking Title

One of my biggest challenges when creating a piece of writing is coming up with a title. As a rule, I usually have no trouble coming up with a working title, but focusing that working title into a finished heading is not my strong suit, or my favourite activity. However, I think it goes without… Continue reading Steer by Stars: That F*cking Title


Trading perfume for Bug Spray

The thing I love about camping, is sitting still. I think this love is something that is reminiscent from my youth. Just finding that spot outside, and sitting, drawing in the warmth, breathing it in deep and then lazily letting it out; meanwhile listening to the birds call to each other in various musical tones,… Continue reading Trading perfume for Bug Spray

Kid’s Learning Activities

Seedling Kids: School Lessons

With a majestic height reaching to the sun, and a thick hairy stem that is often over looked, this is a stalk that’s size is such that stories that shame Jack and the Beanstalk live in its branches. However, people’s eyes travel up past the healthy shoots of triangular toothed shaped leaves to the flower… Continue reading Seedling Kids: School Lessons

Coffee Blog

If we were having coffee, iced coffee…

The change of pace today from our usual hot coffees to these delicious icy treats is welcome. I’m sure with one month of summer under our hats that we must have lots to share, but our time appears limited by melting drinks so I’ll share my biggest update. My six week memoir writing course is… Continue reading If we were having coffee, iced coffee…