Mental Health

“Can I come into the Out Now?”

Initially, I felt as if there was nobody I could tell about my mental health. A deep feeling of isolation began to build higher around me. I felt locked in the freezer like the alien Bov, Ow, from the DreamWorks movie Home. I was imprisoned inside a glass cell where I could only be a… Continue reading “Can I come into the Out Now?”

Mental Health

Take my Hand

One of the greatest feelings in the world radiates from the warmth of a child’s hand clinging with familiarity to yours in an unspoken act of intimacy. A silent request for comfort, companionship, security, encouragement, assistance, strength, and love. In December of 2015, I was diagnoses with a chronic mental illness. For some time I… Continue reading Take my Hand


If my children are chipmunks, then toys are nuts!

I run a fairly tight ship at home, or at least I thought I did. My children, at 2 and 5, listen as good as can be expected, mind their manners, and take care of their possessions. Perhaps take care of their possessions is a bit of a loose term. So to be more clear,… Continue reading If my children are chipmunks, then toys are nuts!