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Gregory Green and the Backyard Bullfrogs

Gregory Green was upset, and not just a little upset, he was terribly upset. He had just moved to a new house, in a new neighbourhood, in a new town. Although his parents told him he should be happy because he had finished his school year before moving, he was not. He didn’t want to… Continue reading Gregory Green and the Backyard Bullfrogs

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Names Matter

In an article titled How names influence our destinies, it is stated that, “Scientific studies have shown that the world makes different assumptions about a boy named Tyrone than it does about one named Philip, and while these assumptions are often wrong, they can have considerable influence on the course of a life.” –… Continue reading Names Matter


4 Interesting & Informative Reads for Parents

Masterminds & Wingmen by Rosalind Wiseman Wiseman is known as an expert on a number of topics like social justice and ethical leadership. However, it was her expert status on parenting, children, and bullying that drew me in. I enjoyed reading Masterminds & Wingmen. I found it to be informative and educational. I also found… Continue reading 4 Interesting & Informative Reads for Parents

Coffee Blog

If we were having coffee…

We would begin quietly, just enjoying the warm sunshine on our skin, the white sand hot between our toes, the sounds of waves breaking on the beach, children laughing, and voices mixed in various conversations around us. There would be a small beach table between us, and our chairs would face out toward the ocean.… Continue reading If we were having coffee…