Creative Writing

The Hungry Daddy Story

Encouraging Creativity & Curing Mind Numbing Boredom: In our house the kid’s bedtime routine consists of reading in bed for a few minutes before lights out. However, night after night we were reading the same story over, and over again, and I was craving a bit of change. So, one particular night I decided to… Continue reading The Hungry Daddy Story


Unique Wrapping

“No one gets an unwrapped present on my watch!” – Bryony, Arthur Christmas   Looking for a unique way to include the children in the Christmas preparations? Look no further. Homemade wrapping paper is great for children of any age to make, and adults can enjoy this activity too! I started making homemade wrapping… Continue reading Unique Wrapping


2 Big Changes caused by Motherhood

Everyone knows, or jokes, about certain things that you can kiss goodbye when you become a parent: privacy, sleep, and sex. I want to write about 2 of the less talked about things that change or disappear when the vail on parenting gets thrown back, and you are thrust ass first into the squall!  … Continue reading 2 Big Changes caused by Motherhood


What is it that compels us to write?

Introduction to Me: For as long as I can remember I have loved writing and creating stories, poetry, characters, fantasy places and more.  By the same token, I have loved to share those creations; typically, I share  with friends and family.  Off and on through that love I have tried to find neiches to publish… Continue reading What is it that compels us to write?