Welcome to Writing is Communication

Inside you will find a platform of writing where the dominate themes are: parenting, children, mental health, and writing itself.

As we had done so many times before, we grasped hands. Only this time it was his hand that offered me comfort. It was his small hand, warm and encouraging in mine. A solid reminder of love, kindness, and reassurance.

Other topics range from crafts, creative writing, freelance writing, holidays, and kid’s DSC_0796learning activities, to memoir & life stories, and travel as well as occasional participation in other WordPress writing prompts.

Pacifier, tootie, sucky…whatever you choose to call it, how do you eliminate it from your child’s life? At one point that pacifier seems like a saviour, but eventually its true colours show, as it is sought after for comfort and security.

Guests Posts

 “For any of you who have seen the movie The Croods, particularly the scene where the baby is held up in the air. This baby is feral with arms and legs flailing, mouth chomping, and spit flying; this baby is primed for mischief. That was my 2 year old!

Weekend Coffee Share is the first blogging community I joined within WordPress. I instantly fell in love with the community itself, and I have embraced it as partWeekend Coffee Share of my regular routine for blogging. That said, I try to post one Coffee Blog a month preferably around the first of the month. “If we were having coffee… is such a fun and open topic that can be deeply personal, or it can be as simple as tipping the mug to allow the hot bitter java to dampen your tongue before moving on. Regardless, I would encourage visitors to read my Coffee posts, and to seek out other posts with the tag #weekendcoffeeshare. If you are interested in sharing coffee post yourself you can link-up by visiting Part-Time Monster.

Crawling on his knees Gregory moved toward the music. Quietly he parted the branches of a bush and pushed his head through into a small clearing, and in the middle was the strangest sight Gregory had ever seen! Six bullfrogs playing frog sized instruments: drums, guitar, and keyboard, with a leader singer and a couple backup singers. Gregory gasped in surprise; the bullfrogs stopped playing, and looked at him with golden coloured eyes.

Thank you for visiting Writing is Communication.

14 thoughts on “Home

  1. hello,
    Glad you follow my blog, YourWellWisherProgram, where the focus is an attempt to solve commonly known problems with No NGO setup, No big costs, No team formed, No copyright protected, and No solution patented. Very pleased to be following your blog as well which is very well written.

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  2. I loved your home page and brief introduction to your favorite blogging community. As a work from mom of three, I don’t get much time to socialize- in reality or online. It’s nice to be apart of a growing community of bloggers through the community pool and I appreciate your invitation to visit your blog!

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  3. good for you Shari I am so proud of you my dear .You are a great example of how the modern mom should be. Keep people writing its a dying art that is so important.

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